Digital Analytics + Data Science

Real digital marketing success require real, hands-on analysis.

Not all organizations are the same when it comes to optimizing digital performance. Using data to drive performance is a proven method. However, there are a number of factors that determine the what/when/how/why data is collected, stored, analyzed, presented and acted on.  How well do you know your digital data?

Fujo Analytics helps companies with digital marketing through digital analytics insights and opportunities.

  • Formulate KPIs & develop data collection strategies.
  • Ensure proper tagging and data collection.
  • Analyze campaigns, media and digital communications.
  • Create dashboards and reports.
  • Do deep analysis and create forecasting models.

Our greatest success is in helping organizations understand how digital data can transform their business with reasonably small investments.

Working with all sizes of businesses, we formulate measurable digital strategies, including optimization roadmaps & KPI targets.

We achieve success by ensuring best in class tagging & data capture, effective data management, performing deep analysis, developing forecast models & regularly presenting analysis to stakeholders.

Additionally, we train clients on digital marketing & analytics platforms to ensure they understand how analysis & opportunities are derived.