Digital Analytics Packages

The packages below are not exhaustive, but are a model focused on set-up, collection & analysis of digital data that will help to optimize digital marketing & ecommerce. We will work with your team to ensure that the insights and recommendations we provide through these packages are actionable and add value to your organization. These packages are fully customizable and flexible.

We focus on Google technologies (GMP & GCP) & R programming (RMarkdown, Quarto, & Shiny). So a basic package may include setting up & configuring a GA4 property, as well as GTM & BigQuery configuration & Looker Studio development. Deeper data analysis may include a Shiny or Looker Studio app and/or an RMarkdown/Quarto document sourced from reproducible code.

Although not our main focus, we also have plenty of experience with relational database systems (MySQL, SQL Server & Oracle), data engineering (ETL pipelines) & reporting systems (Looker Studio, Power BI & Tableau). We are experts in SQL, data modeling & design.

Basic Package

Data Collection Review/Set-up 

Review of current data collection methods and storage. Facilitation of data collection set-up and storage if not configured or needs adjustment/augmentation. This may mean working with IT to facilitate proper collection, storage and retrieval in platforms and databases. 

Marketing Mix Analysis

Review of current campaigns – set-up and strategy. Review of data collection & storage. Initial optimization recommendations based on media strategy.

KPI/Goals Strategy & Set-up

Deciding on business KPIs can be confusing and difficult. Properly collecting and storing them can be challenging as well. It is vital when leveraging data to improve business that KPIs are visible and mapped to the goals of the business. We will help the organization to complete this step.

Dashboard Creation

Once KPI/Goals are decided on, collected and stored properly, they must be communicated throughout the organization. Creating a dashboard that can be easily viewed and understood is important to the success of using a data-driven methodology. We will create a dashboard that will include the KPI/Goals and key contributors to these numbers.  

Pro Package

Monthly Data Analysis

Beyond a simple dashboard, detailed, ongoing analysis can provide insights beyond the basic numbers. Opportunities can be uncovered through digging into the data, identifying trends, and understanding the impact of various campaigns. From these monthly analysis you will gain a better and more detailed understanding of your business on an ongoing basis from which to act.

A/B Test Analysis

You may already be using a platform to perform your A/B tests, but do you understand how it decides a winner and what that means? It is always best practice to calculate the statistics separately from the platform and to look beyond the goal of the A/B test, to understand if/how other KPI/Goals may have been impacted. We can help you determine what to test and how to set it up correctly for a successful A/B test as well as a comprehensive report of test results. 

Ongoing Marketing Mix Analysis

Regularly review digital campaigns for targeted optimization strategy. Statistics-driven update recommendations based on overall performance, taking into account the customer journey, goals, landing pages, ROI, CTR and conversion rate. 

Data Modeling

Modeling data allows prediction and correlation of data variables. This can be important in understanding a customer’s lifetime value, prediction of future revenues, the level of product awareness, multi-channel analysis, and many more answers to business questions that are hard to answer through data analysis alone. As a monthly engagement, we’ll help lay out a plan to model data that makes the greatest measurable impact on the organization. 

Some of the deeper analysis that can be done through modeling (standard statistics/Machine Learning):

  • KPI Forecasting
  • Digital Media Mix Modeling
  • Customer Behavior, Segmentation & LTV
  • Creation of Lookalike Models
  • Demographic/Psychographic Analysis

Custom Analytics Apps

For modeling and deeper analysis, a custom app may be more appropriate than a simple dashboard creation. This may also be the case if more sophisticated interactive graphs are required from a given analysis/model. Analytics apps are designed to be deployed relatively easily, with the focus remaining on the analysis/modeling.

Additional Costs & Fees

One-time Deep Data Analysis 

Sometimes you just need a single deep dive into a dataset beyond anything currently provided. A one-time deep data analysis can provide you insights into a given dataset that can be leveraged in your business. 

Custom Analytics App

Either you are not getting what you want from your dashboard, you have models you would like to see in production or there is a separate dataset that you would like to build some customized interactive graphing on top of. A custom analytics app can achieve that goal.

Analytics App Hosting

(Estimated cost: 3 months free | $99 – Based on billing)

An analytics app may only need to be up for a couple months. In that case, it can be hosted for free, then removed. However, for apps that are designed to be up for the foreseeable future, it is in the interest of all to set up your own hosting account.